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Unveiling Stacked: The Ultimate Conference for In-house Finance Leaders

Welcome to CFO Techstack's latest venture: Stacked, the annual conference tailored specifically for in-house finance teams like yours. At CFO Techstack, our mission is clear: to cultivate a dynamic community of forward-thinking finance leaders who thrive on collaboration and innovation. And with Stacked, we're taking that mission to new heights.

The Genesis of Stacked

Last year, CFO Techstack launched with a focus on serving our target customer. The platform was initiated by our webinar series, 'Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero', which attracted 750+ registrants in September. Our goal was to assist in-house finance teams in scaling with Xero into their growth phase. Now, CFO Techstack is the content and community hub supporting finance leaders to build top-tier tech stacks.

We're so grateful to everyone in our community for getting involved and driving the buzz around our content and events. It's clear there's a big demand for tips on building a killer tech stack and thriving as an in-house finance leader. That's why we wanted to create a one-day event to answer your questions, provide opportunities to network with peers in other in-house finance teams and inspire.

Stacked is the equivalent of Xerocon for our community of in-house finance leaders. However, while Xerocon mainly targets accountants and bookkeepers, Stacked is tailor-made exclusively for in-house finance teams. This means we're laser-focused on addressing your specific needs and challenges. Stacked isn't just offering exceptional insights into in-house finance roles and strategies for maximising your team’s potential; it also provides the satisfaction of being part of an elite community of innovators.

Join us on Thursday 12th September 2024 at St Mary’s in Marylebone, London, for a day filled with limitless value…

What to Expect at Stacked

Imagine a one-day event packed with tailored content designed to address the unique challenges faced by in-house finance teams. From practical strategies to cutting-edge trends, Stacked is your opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge and insights that can drive tangible improvements within your organisation.

But it's not just about what you'll learn—it's also about who you'll meet. Stacked offers unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing you to engage with a vibrant community of fellow in-house finance leaders. Share insights, exchange ideas and establish valuable connections that can support your professional growth and development.

And let's not forget about the exhibitors. At Stacked, you'll have direct access to a diverse range of exhibitors showcasing innovative apps and products tailored to enhance your finance operations. Take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, explore solutions and gain valuable insights directly from industry experts.

A Glimpse into the Agenda

If you're keen to boost your team's expertise and reputation within the finance realm, Stacked offers a unique platform that goes beyond the usual conference scene. Unlike Xerocon, which mainly caters to accountants and bookkeepers, Stacked is exclusively designed for in-house finance teams like yours. This means we're laser-focused on addressing the specific needs and challenges you face.

We're so excited to share that we've already begun to curate an exceptional lineup of industry experts to speak at Stacked. We'll be adding to our fantastic speaker lineup over the coming weeks – watch this space!

We're also currently putting together an exciting lineup of talks tailored for in-house finance leaders, covering topics like optimising your tech stack, maximising your career trajectory and exploring AI in finance, stay tuned for updates on talks here.

A Message from our Co-Founder and CEO, David Tuck

Securing Your Spot: Pricing and Registration

Tickets for Stacked are priced at £199 plus VAT, but we're offering early-bird tickets at £99 plus VAT for a limited time. Don't miss out on this opportunity to join us for a day of learning, networking and inspiration.

In-house finance teams face unique challenges, but with the right knowledge, connections and tools, those challenges can be overcome. That's where Stacked comes in.

Ready to stack the odds in your favour? Register now for Stacked and secure your spot at the ultimate conference for in-house finance teams.

We can't wait to see you there.


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