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Previous issues:

Issue 1: Data-driven decision making We explore data-driven decision-making with Xero at the heart.

Issue 2: Automation How you can use tech to automate and streamline your financial operations.

Issue 3: Spend management The trends and tools that help businesses get savvy with their spending, and processes that maximise spending efficiencies. 

Issue 4: Business expansion The tech that enables forward-thinking insights for businesses opening new branches, introducing fresh products or services, ramping up marketing efforts, bringing on additional staff, or expanding globally.

Issue 5: Consolidation Using apps to streamline consolidation for real-time reporting.

Issue 6: Community We hosted our first in-person event, which brought together tech-savvy finance leaders to share their insights on the finance tech stack.

Issue 7: Budget-friendly tools Free tools for budget-conscious CFOs.

Issue 8: Planning for new tech implementations How to plan for implementing new tech stack solutions. 

Issue 9: Future-proofing your KPI approach How predictive analytics can enable you to proactively adapt your KPI approach and stay on top of goals.

Issue 10: Mobile apps for CFOs on-the-go How CFOs can leverage Xero apps with mobile capabilities.

Issue 11: Tech stack spend survey results Sharing the key findings from our 2023 Tech Stack Spend Survey. 

Issue 12: Manufacturing-finance relationships How manufacturing finance teams can use apps to sync with production and streamline processes.

Issue 13: Xero to spreadsheets reporting Nifty tools to sync your Xero data to your spreadsheets and build customised reports.

Issue 14: Introducing our Finance Leader Advisory Council (FLAC) The FLAC is the new representative body for Xero using in-house finance teams.

Issue 15: Setting up Xero to scale How to steer clear of common mistakes and fine-tune your Xero setup.

Issue 16: Leveraging tech for remote finance teams The rise of virtual finance teams and how you can improve remote collaboration in your finance team.

Issue 17: Boost efficiency with AI-powered tech We explore how AI is transforming the finance industry by creating new opportunities for enhanced efficiency, particularly within the Xero ecosystem.

Issue 18: One finance leader's spend system overhaul We delve into the transformative journey of one finance leader's tech stack overhaul and deep dive into spend management solutions.

Issue 19: Guide to Xero consolidation apps We explore seven top consolidation apps that integrate with Xero, delving into their functionalities to help you identify the best fit for your business needs.

Issue 20: The definitive guide to Xero for Groups The expert insights from our 'Xero for Groups: The App Advantage' webinar series.

Issue 21: The key to effective business partnering How your tech stack can elevate your position as a business partner.

Issue 22: The evolving skillset powering modern finance leadership A seasoned finance leader's perspective on the state of the CFO today.

Issue 23: Top Xero apps for sustainable finance Harness the power of the Xero ecosystem to lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Issue 24: Launching Stacked Xerocon for in-house finance leaders.

Issue 25: The FLAC Q2 Conversation The FLAC discussed what's great about Xero, what improvements would help larger organisations scale with Xero more effectively, and how Xero can better demonstrate to larger businesses that it is the right choice.

Issue 26: Your guide to building an enterprise-level system with Xero The expert insights from our 'Building an Enteprise-Level System with Xero (APAC)' webinar series.

Issue 27: CFO Tech'Hack' Maximise Xero's tracking category limits with out-of-the-box thinking.

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