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Our new webinar series: Xero for Groups, The App Advantage

Updated: Mar 15

Are you using Xero, and about to go multi-entity? 

Maybe your group has been on Xero for a while and you’re worried that, as you grow, you’ll need to consider migrating to an ERP?

Or you might even be a group considering moving to Xero, but not sure if it will work for you?

Today we’re excited to announce a brand new CFO Techstack webinar series that we’ve put together to answer exactly these questions. ‘Xero for Groups: The App Advantage’ is a series of six webinars that will run from 18th to 20th March, covering the most highly requested topics we see from group CFOs about Xero and its ecosystem. 

Read on to find out more, or sign up here.


At Mayday we help finance teams in multi-entity businesses streamline their month-end processes with Xero. We have customers with 2- or 3- entity businesses, all the way up to 60+ entities – all using Xero. So yes, we get to talk to a lot of CFOs considering how to build the best tech stack for a multi-entity business.

We know that many finance leaders are desperate to stay on Xero, but they often carry around an idea that Xero can’t work at scale. When CFOs tell us, “I think we’ll need to move to an ERP soon”, it’s rare that they have a definitive reason. It’s more likely a feeling that they’re harbouring; a common misconception that, if you’re a multi-entity business, you’re not right for Xero.

“We're a 50+ entity business. The received wisdom is that we should use an ERP system. Having had the experience of using NetSuite as a team, the massive subscription costs, the huge implementation fees, we wanted to avoid it if we could. Now we can happily continue to grow with Xero” – Jordan McCreary, OG Global

Luckily, our ‘Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero’ webinar series last September annihilated the idea that you have to migrate to an ERP to scale.

Following in the Footsteps of our Enterprise Series

Across the three weeks of our ‘Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero’ series we saw over 750 people registering to hear from over 44 speakers across 14 sessions. The demand to hear about how Xero can scale to enterprise-level was tremendous. We heard so much glowing feedback from attendees and participants alike.

“Thank you all - brilliant info!”
“Great advice - too many growing businesses move to an ERP too early”
“Thanks for making this series. Fascinating”
“Amazing work team… a very accessible and useful library for years to come.”

Having built our audience around the Enterprise series, we were equally excited to launch CFO Techstack, a weekly email newsletter and community dedicated to forward-thinking finance leaders, especially those who leverage Xero and its ecosystem.

Since then we’ve published 14 issues of the newsletter, taking notes every week on the topics that get the best engagement and elicit the most questions from our audience. 

Questions on how multi-entity businesses use Xero stand out as some of the most popular, but also some of the trickiest to answer without help from the ecosystem. That’s why we knew we wanted to put together a new webinar series, more tightly focused on the needs of groups using Xero, and to work alongside relevant app partners for each session.

Announcing our ‘Xero for Groups: The App Advantage’ Series

We’ve put together a list of topics over six sessions, aimed at finance teams who are juggling multiple entities and who want to stay with, or move to, Xero. 

Over the course of the series you’ll hear from six different finance leaders who continue to choose Xero for their group, taking advantage of the apps available from the ecosystem to streamline processes and to help them scale efficiently. We’re excited to be spreading the word about how Xero can work for multi-entity businesses!

1. Launch Webinar (with Xero), Mon 18 March at 11am GMT

Want to hear about how one 46-entity group moved to Xero to take advantage of their platform and ecosystem? Join our Launch Webinar, where we’ll hear about this from Paresh Makwana, ACCA, FCCA, Head of Finance at Outernet. We’ll also hear from Xero’s UK and EMEA MD, Alexander von Schirmeister and Xero's Account Manager for Groups and Franchises, Annie Hawkins.

2. Month-End Automation (with Mayday), Mon 18 March at 1pm GMT

Hear all about how month-end processes like intercompany recharges and reconciliation can be automated. We’ll be joined by our very own Mayday team (both David Tuck and James Scott-Griffin!) as well as by Caroline Viles, Finance Director at Gaia, who uses automation to help with her own 3-entity business. Graham Shapiro from Myccountant, a Xero MVP Award Winner 2023, will also be joining to add his perspective.

3. Consolidated Reporting (with Joiin), Tue 19 March at 11am GMT

In this webinar we’ll be joined by Harriet Hope, VP of Finance at Arbolus, where they use Joiin for consolidated reporting across their 4-entity group. Harry Symons from Joiin will be joining us too, as well as Ryan Pearcy from Scrutton Bland, who will share insights into how consolidated reporting can work for different group sizes and with different needs and budgets.

4. Spend Management (with Pleo), Tue 19 March at 1pm GMT

With multiple entities comes more complexity when it comes to controlling company spend. In this webinar, learn how spend management tools like Pleo can help multi-entity finance teams keep things simple as they scale. We’ll be joined by Asif Ahmed from Cooper Parry, as well as Chloe Murray from Pleo and Becky Cawley-Hassall, Finance Director of Saragossa.

5. Accounts Payable (with Lightyear), Wed 20 March at 11am GMT

When you have to think about approvals processes across multiple entities, things can get complicated and mistakes can happen. That’s why there are accounts payable solutions available like Lightyear that can augment Xero’s own functionality as you scale. For this webinar we’ll be joined by Tom Ashman from Lightyear and Hilary Dyson from Bridge Financials, as well as one of Lightyear’s many multi-entity customers to discuss their story.

6. Foreign Exchange (with Airwallex), Wed 20 March at 1pm GMT

International groups bring with them unique challenges when it comes to moving money around and optimising spend. For this reason, plugging multiple Xero organisations into a foreign exchange platform like Airwallex can really help finance teams work efficiently. For this webinar we’ll be joined by a member of Airwallex’s team talking to John Toon from Beever and Struthers and one of their multi-entity customers who will speak to the benefits and challenges of using Xero when you’re dealing in multiple currencies.


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