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Stackees 2023

Updated: Mar 15

To mark the end of our Building an Enterprise-Level System with Xero, and the launch of CFO Techstack, we inaugurated The Stackees. These awards acknowledge the amazing achievements of larger Xero users and those who are blazing a trail in what it's possible to do when it comes to scaling your tech stack as a finance function.

And the winners are…

Breakout CFO Techstacker of the Year: Beth Staff

This award is all about celebrating someone who has gone above and beyond their years in utilising Xero and its ecosystem to elevate the performance of their finance team.

Beth is the Head of Finance at Sylvera, a climate tech startup backed by renowned investors. Sylvera is a leading carbon data provider that enables businesses and governments to confidently invest in real climate impact. The judging panel were impressed by Beth’s high-growth mindset, using the ecosystem to massively streamline core financial operations processes for her finance team. Beth analyses where her team spend their time, if it's on something that isn't solving a problem for the business, she looks to automate that process cost-effectively.

CFO Techstack Consultant of the Year: flinder

We wanted to recognise cloud experts who excel as guides or advisors, counselling growing businesses on how best to scale their finance function.

flinder helps tech, SaaS and e-commerce businesses to accelerate growth. This award was accepted by Luke Streeter, Co-Founder and COO at flinder, on behalf of the company. Our judging panel recognised that flinder have been on an impressive journey over the past six years to build an advisory offering that scales and runs their clients’ finance function, even for enterprise transformation projects. They’re all about what is the right app stack for your particular set of circumstances, what is the right process for you to go through and how can you stretch Xero? As clients have grown with flinder they start thinking about if they need to move to an ERP system. In the six years since they were founded, flinder have very rarely come across situations where the ecosystem isn’t enough and the businesses actually has to make that move.

CFO Techstacker of the Year: Steve Jarvis

This award celebrates a seasoned CFO who has achieved a great deal with Xero plus its ecosystem. They’ll know the ecosystem apps like the back of their hand, having used a varied selection across different business sectors.

Steve is an experienced entrepreneurial CFO, board member and investor with experience in capital raising, start-ups, scale-ups and exits in the sustainability industry. Our judges recognised Steve’s expertise with the Xero ecosystem by virtue of the scaling journey he’s followed across various roles throughout his career. Steve builds from an early stage, where Xero can do a lot on its own, and knows instinctively at what point to start reaching out to the app ecosystem and to other partners to scale their finance function seamlessly. Steve is currently embarking on his most ambitious Xero based system implementation to date.

What next?

The Stackees will be CFO Techstack’s annual awards ceremony, recognising talent in scaling with Xero plus its ecosystem.

For 2024, we’ll also be introducing software awards.

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